Refresher Course in London, UK

Refresher Aqaid Course with Sheikh Shomali S.I.Madressa has arranged a Refresher Aqaid course to be facilitated by Sheikh Shomali.  This course is a follow up after the Intensive course on Islamic Belief System that took place in September last year. It is open particularly to all those participants – however if other individuals would like to attend we strongly encourage you […]... Read More

Seminar on “Tawheed & Divine Justice” in Dearborn, Michigan

Link: Join us for a 3 day program including a seminar on “Tawheed & Divine Justice” and a public lectures on “How To Attain Personal Felicity” led by Hujjat al-Islam Shk. Mohammad Ali Shomali. Location: Islamic Library of Dearborn | Dearborn | MI | 48126 3 day seminar will be held from Thursday May […]... Read More