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Words of the Week VI

Two approaches to giving charity We usually think that we give charity because there are poor people and indeed we think that those who receive it are the main beneficiary. However this is not the right approach because in reality the main beneficiary is the one who gives. Allah swt says that the main purpose […]... Read More
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“Learn, Believe, Practice” seminar by Madrasah Az-Zahraa

Madrasah Az-Zahraa presents “Learn, Believe, Practice” seminar with the renowned Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali, the director of the Islamic Centre of England. Dr. Shomali brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in conducting such seminars globally. His publications include Ethical Relativism and Principles of Jurisprudence, among others, illustrating his specialization in demystifying the […]... Read More

Condolence on the Martyrdom of Hazrat-e Fatemah Zahra (S.A)

Fatima Al-Zahra (sa) belongs to the noblest family ever existing throughout the whole history of mankind. Her distinguished father Prophet Muhammad (saw) was the very last messenger of Allah (SWT), a personality that the Noble Qur’an introduces him as the Best Paradigm. The mother of Fatima Al-Zahra (sa) was a pure noble lady named Khadijah […]... Read More

Words of the Week V

Love of dunya Prophet Muhammad (s) purified people firstly by identifying the main sources of impurity or illness and then by explaining the best treatment for them. Amongst all the many things which make our soul ill, the most destructive  is love of dunya or the worldly life. Indeed the foundation of most of our […]... Read More