The Risalat Summer Course 2015

The Risalat Summer Course 2015 is over and preparation for a similar course in December, for our Christian friends, is underway!

The Risalat International Institute in conjunction with the International Institute for Islamic Studies, offered a 2-week summer course that provided a platform for the participants from different countries to gain a deeper understanding of Islamic theology and ethics. The courses were based on the textbooks that have been compiled by the institute, namely Islamic Belief System and Islamic Plan for Life.

What follows is a brief report about what took place during the courses:

Two sessions took place: one August 15th and the other on the 25th. There was also a short visit to Tehran and a 4-day trip to Mashhad in the interval between the courses.  Nine subjects were offered during the course on Islamic Belief System, covering topics such as theology, anthropology, prophethood and the Prophet of Islam, and the Hereafter.

The course based on Islamic Plan for Life sessions included personal ethics, social ethics, family and society, system of individual behavior, and system of social behavior.

Besides the main courses, extra sessions also were held on interpretation of the Quran, Islamic culture and civilization, and mysticism.

The abovementioned subjects were taught by various scholars; among them were Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali, Dr. Mohammad Riza Mohaddess, Hujjat al-Islam Mohammad Husayn Khuddami, Hujjat al-Islam Mohammad Moalla, and Hujjat al-Islam Ali Latifi, and Sr. Shahnaze Safieddine.

Participant Reviews

“Alhamdulilah I received everything I needed from this trip. I will never forget going to the Lady Masoumah’s Shrine for fajr prayer.” 

-Sr. Nermina, London


“The night that we spent at Imam Ridha’s Shrine is the most memorable one.”

-Sister Batulbanu, North America


“Aside from visiting the holy shrines the best part of the trip was being in class. I had such an awakening during dr. Shomali s class when he mentioned there are two camps and three types of people.  The camp for Allah and the camp against. The people belong to the first camp, the second camp or in no camp. If we don’t make them friends of the camp of Allah they will be pulled to the other camp.

-Sister Marjory, Canada