A Session on Hijab in Islam and the West

The Risalat International Institute, in cooperation with the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, held a session on Hijab in Islam and the West with an analysis of Hijab phobia and Islam phobia on October 8th, 2015.

The participants were mainly lecturers, teachers, and cultural activists from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

‘Considering the wide spread of Hijab and Islam phobia in the West, it is necessary to know more about their roots and how we, as Muslims and culturally active people, can turn this threat into an opportunity to spread real Islam’, said Sister Haniah Tarkian, the instructor. She is a lecturer in Islamic studies, an activist and a Ph.D. student at Jamia al-Zahra (sa), the largest seminary for ladies in Qum, Iran.

The session took about two hours and finished with light refreshments and a few group pictures.