A Session on “Teaching in the West”

The Risalat International Institute held a session on “Teaching in the West” on April 5th, 2017.
The lecture was presented by Sr. Tabassum Bachoo, a highly experienced and successful teacher in the UK.
Sr. Tabassum Bachoo is a successful Muslim woman who lives and teaches in England. She taught primary and secondary levels in an Islamic school and now teaches primary in a governmental school. In this session, she shared her experiences with us. “As a good teacher it is important that not feeding the learners information but leading them to it,” she said. She also explained that we need to use some interactive strategies in our class by making questions or having discussions or doing activities, and you should use teaching aids, such as physical objects, visual aids, pictures, charts, etc. At the end, she spoke about her experience as a Muslim woman and teacher in the west. She said that she was the first Muslim teacher wearing hijab in her school. Her activities in society while wearing hijab was her form of tabligh amidst the propaganda against Muslim women in the west. The session took about two hours and finished with light refreshments and Q&A session.