About Us

Mission Statement

The Risalat International Institute aims to strengthen religious understanding through dialogue, elevate the condition of Muslim communities in the English-speaking world, improve the image of Shia Islam, promote  and enhance the quality of Islamic education, disseminate Islamic knowledge, and provide a platform to meet the challenges of Muslim communities in the English-speaking world.

About Us

The Risalat International Institute, based in Qum, Iran, is made up of hard-working males and females from across the globe. The Institute was founded in  April 2012 under the guidance of Hujjat al-Islam Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali (Dean of Post-Graduate studies at Jamiat al-Zahra and director of the International Institute for Islamic Studies). Before its inception, the institute was blooming under other organizations until it  was ready for its own establishment.  The institute consists of various members  managing or working on different projects.  Some of the executive members are listed below.

  1. President:  Huj. Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali
  2. Director of Research: Huj. Hossein Khoddami
  3. Head of Academic Committees: Huj. Dr. Mohammad Rassafi

Executive Members:

  • Sister Fatemeh Khalili
  • Sister Hanieh Tarkian
  • Sister Sabereh Ahmadi Movaqar
  • Sister Zahra Farzanegan