Since its inception in 2012, the Risalat Institute has been working diligently on various projects and publications to meet the needs of the Shia world.


Some of our past and forthcoming publications include:

1. The Islamic Belief System (with reference book)

2. The Islamic Plan for Life (with reference book)

3. A Guide to Shia Islam

4. Lives of the Imams and the Shia in the Time of Occultation

5. Islamic Laws


Some of our active projects include:

1. Islamic Queries: This project aims to respond to controversial issues or questions that have arisen.

2. Women’s Classes: We offer various courses for women, held at Jami’a al-Zahraa (as).

Past Courses:

  • The Islamic Belief System by Dr. Shomali and Hujjat al-Islam. Rastani
  • Delivering resentations by Sister Salma Khalfan
  • Islamic Jurisprudence by Sisters Leila Molai and Zahra Farzanegan
  • Key Concepts of Spirituality by Dr. Mahnaz Heydarpour
  • Mercy in Islamic Theology and Value System by Dr. Mahnaz Heydarpour

3. Tabligh: Risalat Institute has sent male and female lecturers to offer courses in different countries such as the UK, Canada, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, South Africa, Trinidad, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

4. Interfaith Dialogue: Risalat members have been involved in interfaith dialogue since 2011, in countries like Canada, Italy, the US, Lebanon, and Syria to strengthen friendship and mutual understanding between different faiths. We have also welcomed guests from various faith-traditions on numerous occasions in Iran, and cooperate with other institutes in their activities regarding interfaith dialogue.

5. Workshops: In response to a heavy demand for intensive Islamic courses taught by female seminarians, the Risalat International Institute developed workshops on different subjects like theology and jurisprudence for postgraduate students from Jami’a al-Zahraa (sa).