Words of the Week X

The health of the heart/soul in Hadiths   Imam Baqir (a) said: “There is no knowledge like seeking health, but there is no health like the health of the soul/the heart.” (Tuhaf-ul-Uqul 286) In Islam, medicine is very much encouraged, because it helps us gain good health. However the health of the soul is much […]... Read More

Words of the Week VII

Self-purification and giving charity In Islam, what we need to do first is to resist our temptations and control ourselves so that we only do things when we have already checked carefully that they are acceptable. We should stand at the gate of our heart and not allow anything to come in or go out unless it […]... Read More
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Words of the Week VI

Two approaches to giving charity We usually think that we give charity because there are poor people and indeed we think that those who receive it are the main beneficiary. However this is not the right approach because in reality the main beneficiary is the one who gives. Allah swt says that the main purpose […]... Read More