Risalat Hosted a Group from Tanzania

We were so fortunate to have one educational program for our dear Sunni muballighah from DAR ES SALAAM CITY, Tanzania in April 2017.During 10 days of staying in Iran, they had visited Qum, Tehran, Sanandaj, and Mashhad. The closing session with deep sense of brotherhood and sisterhood was held in the Shrine of Imam Rida […]... Read More

The Risalat Summer Course 2016

The International Institute for Islamic Studies( IIIS) in association with the Risalat International Institute(RII)is pleased to offer an scholarly course in December 2016 with the title “Islamic Belief System & Imamah and Wilayah.” For more information please contact the coordinator M. A. Farajian via email: mrfarajian@gmail.com or visit the below link: Summer Course Application  ... Read More