Islamic Beliefs System: Course Online


The Islamic Centre of England has Alhamdulilah, uploaded the entire series of H.I. Muhammad Ali Shomali’s lectures from the course on “The Islamic Belief System” which took place in England in February 2014. The series can be watched on YouTube and InshAllah can benefit those interested across the globe.

Part 1: [Introduction, Part I]

Part 2: [Introduction, Part II]

Part 3: [Arguments for Existence of God, Part I]

Part 4: [Arguments for Existence of God, Part II]

Part 5: [Divine Attributes, Part I]

Part 6: [Divine Attributes, Part II]

Part 7: [Divine Attributes, Part III]

Part 8: [Tawhid, Lordship, and Man’s Creation]

Part 9: [Knowing Mankind, Part I]

Part 10: [Knowing Mankind, Part II]

Part 11: [Knowing Mankind, Part III]

Part 12: [Knowing Mankind, Part IV]

Part 13: [Prophethood: Part I]

Part 14: [Prophethood: Part II]

Part 15: [Prophethood: Part III]

Part 16: [Prophet of Mercy]

Part 17: [Resurrection]

Part 18: [Resurrection and Felicity]