“Learn, Believe, Practice” seminar by Madrasah Az-Zahraa

Madrasah Az-Zahraa presents “Learn, Believe, Practice” seminar with the renowned Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali, the director of the Islamic Centre of England. Dr. Shomali brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in conducting such seminars globally. His publications include Ethical Relativism and Principles of Jurisprudence, among others, illustrating his specialization in demystifying the principles of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Join us at the “Learn, Believe, Practice” talks at Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre and delve into an analysis of our belief in Imamah, principles and proofs, responsibilities and practical ways to connect and benefit from this institution (Course 1).

This series also explores the personal and social ethical needs of our contemporary society – our identity as Muslims, role of our community and our youth, and provides guidance on how to strengthen our stand and bring real transformation (Course 2).

The courses are catered for anyone 16+. Register now and take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Register at: tinyurl.com/AzZahraaCourse
For more info email: admin@madrasah.az-zahraa.org

STUDENT PRICING FOR AGES 16-25: $30/course or $60/both courses!