Sofara al-Hujjah Research Project

The Risalat International Institute has undertaken a research project on Shia centers across the globe, with a special focus on those centers in the English-speaking world. In order to develop global cooperation and to share our resources as a nation effectively, it is vital to research the statistics of these centers on a global scale. This is in order to identify facilities (ex. schools, libraries, bookstores, etc.), to identify common needs (ex. books, CDs, games, resources, etc.), and finally, in order to develop cooperation among organizations to share resources and work towards our common goals. Such information and cooperation is currently lacking. To address this gap, the Risalat International Institute has undertaken this research project. We have collected various statistics on hundreds of centers, but our research is currently ongoing.

In order to complete this research accurately and efficiently, we need your help! If you are willing to provide information about your local center to Risalat in order to enhance our research, we urge you to contact us.