Words of the week I

In His Name


A narration about the significance of knowledge

Prophet Muhammad (s) said: “When a believer dies and leaves a piece of paper on which there is some

knowledge written, this paper would be a barrier between them and the fire. For every letter written,

Allah (swt) will give them a town seven times larger than this world. And if a believer sometimes sits

next to a learned man (scholar), Allah (swt) will tell them that they sat next to His friend, so by His

dignity and glory, He (swt) is going to make them sit with him (the scholar) in heaven.” (Bihar-al-Anwar, volume 1, p: 198)

A difference between liberal culture and religious spirituality

One of the main differences between religious spirituality (Islamic, Christian, Judaic etc) and liberal

culture is that liberal culture says that we should be able to do whatever we want and like to do whilst

observing local laws and regulations and that the main aim behind doing anything is merely to enjoy

oneself. However, in contrast to this, all types of religious spirituality teach that it is not possible to

achieve anything by doing whatever we like to do. Rather, we should have self-control and should

primarily think about what is useful for our long-term happiness, our spirituality and our eternal life and

then do only those things which help in achieving this. In heaven, we will have whatever our soul wants

because there is a heavenly atmosphere there and so our soul will never want anything which is not

good. However, in this world, we cannot do whatever we like and should have self-control.


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