Words of the Week II


Self-control is very important. We need to control ourselves and we need to think before saying or doing

anything. We are not free in the sense that we can do whatever we like without any need for answering

for what we do. We must be responsible. We should always only do something when we already have a

good way of justifying what we have done. In other words, we have to firstly prepare our answer and

then do something.

For example, in a company, if one is the owner of the company one does not need to answer to anyone

else and is free to make decisions. However, if one is in a position where one always has to give a report

to a more senior person, then before doing anything, one thinks carefully about how one will answer if

asked why one did such and such a thing.

In the same way, a believer is always firstly thinking about the rationale behind doing something and

then doing it. There is a narration which says that every wise man must be like this, first thinking and

then speaking.

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